West Grove is the second phase of the redevelopment of Elephant Park, the former Heygate Estate.The site is located on the junction of Walworth Road and Heygate Street in Elephant & Castle. The plot consists of three buildings containing homes of a mix of different tenures, linked by a one storey podium containing residential amenity spaces and retail units.

The Highwood is a 31 storey tower, the tallest building on the masterplan containing 222 homes.The building is constructed from Anodised Aluminium unitised façade panels.The cruciform plan of the building naturally splits the tower façade in to strong vertical elements.The design of the façade includes deep feature fins of natural anodised aluminium creating an overall vertical framework of the building.These fins are also used horizontally at intermediate levels spaced using the Fibonacci sequence, this gives a tighter order at the base of the building in relation to the public realm and a greater order at the top in response to the wider setting of the tower. Within this overall framework sit triangular profiled bronze anodised aluminium panels, which create further depth and shadow on the façade. The top of the tower is lightened through the introduction of pergola, forming a crown to the top of the building.The 1.5 storey base of the building retains the anodised aluminium frame with full glazed infill shop fronts to provide a light elegant touch to ground.

Highwood Garden Terrace is a ten storey Mansion style building containing 99 homes.The building form is terraced at levels 5, 7, 8 and 9 creating generous terrace spaces and distinctive gables at either end of a new retail street. The building is formed of a regular red brick grid with playfully arranged glazed terracotta infills. The terracotta colours gradate from a buff to dark red from south to north, inspired by the local architectural palette.At ground a series of traditional shop fronts to small artisan stores ground the building.

Highwood Corner is a ten storey building on the prominent corner of Heygate Street and Walworth Road containing 44 homes. Each corner of the building is chamfered to respond to existing trees and to allow better daylight and views to and from the plot. The building is clad in smooth and wirecut black brickwork arranged in a honeycomb pattern. Depth is created in the black brick façade through a recessed area of brickwork adjacent to the windows, where the pattern is inverted. This recess alternates positions at each floor creating a woven effect to the façade.

A shared residential amenity space is provided at the West Grove Club located between the Highwood and Highwood Garden Terrace.This includes a 24 hour concierge, lounge and café area, resident’s room and gym with links to the shared courtyard space.

Elephant & Castle, London

BCI Awards 2020 06.11.20