Ruskin Square presents a distinctive form within Croydon’s skyline: a robust ‘L-shaped’ brick-gridded volume composed of a 22-storey tower and a 9-storey plinth. As a key component of the Ruskin Square Masterplan, involving the creation of a new urban quarter in the land between East Croydon railway station and the existing town centre, the building’s character derives from a strong civic intent. Its ‘frame and infill’ external envelope establishes a unified façade, both emphasising the verticality of the tower and, at the same time, expressing the smaller-scaled variety of components that work within its mass. Brick returns to balconies and open metal balustrades further accentuate the façades’ depth, creating weather-protected external rooms for the 161 one- and two-bedroom apartments. Below, the communal garden – accessible from both entrances and residential cores – provides a mix of dedicated and informal play spaces along with seating areas for residents.

Croydon, London
Croydon Gateway Limited Partnership

Onsite at Ruskin Square 12.08.14