The refurbishment and extension of an existing 1970s building in Mayfair. One Berkeley Street,with frontages on Piccadilly, Berkeley and Dover Street, proposes a vibrant mixed-use development containing hotel, office and retail use. The existing buildings and pedestrian through-site link are to be retained and expanded with three new extensions: a two-storey rooftop extension, new pavilion at the corner of Dover Street, and small annex building within Dover Yard. The yard itself is to be transformed from a parking and delivery space into a garden courtyard.

This scheme seeks to enhance the existing character of the site, retaining 90% of structures as well as facade elements along the two main elevations. This is despite an extant planning permission for an alternative proposal that would demolish all buildings on the site. This approach builds upon the existing grain of the site whilst providing a much-needed enhancement to both the performance and aesthetics of the current buildings.

A new pavilion extension at the corner of Piccadilly and Dover Street provides an updated identity to this prominent corner, utilising Portland stone cladding elements to engage with that of the adjacent existing façade. Coupled with a refined two-storey extension to the upper levels, these extensions seek to rejuvenate the somewhat dour existing façades.

Significantly, an existing through-site link is retained and amplified, transforming what was an at-grade carpark and delivery space into a garden courtyard, enlivened by hospitality and retail spaces at its fringe. This offers a new publicly accessible space for building users, and incidental commuters alike, and a respite from the busy thoroughfare at Piccadilly.

Westminster, London

NLA Awards 2021 26.11.21