Murrage Farm is a new four-bedroom family home located in the Chilterns Hill's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Situated in a valley between the villages of Fingest and Turville, the site was formerly occupied by an undistinguished farmhouse and outbuildings in poor condition.

The simple building form, with its pitched roofs, is derived from the local domestic architecture found in the adjacent villages. This connection is reinforced with a restrained palette of materials commonly found in the local vernacular, with knapped flint, hand-fired brick and clay tiles selected for the exterior of the house. While lending a natural tactility to the design, the chosen materials create a refined modern finish, harmoniously integrated into its surroundings.

This durable, high-quality material palette is continued internally, comprising stone and timber flooring and limewashed brickwork walls. Timber joinery elements and exposed steel beams provide a crisp, bold contrast to the otherwise muted palette. The sequence of spaces and composition of window openings frame views over the idyllic surrounding scenery, enhanced by wildflower meadows incorporated into the gardens and landscaping.