Egham Gateway is a new mixed use development in the Runnymede borough of Surrey. Four mixed use buildings combine new retail, leisure, residential and student accommodation, around a pedestrianised public realm, creating a gateway from Egham Station to the town centre.

Buildings A and C define the new high street, and have been designed in tandem creating a unified commercial high street. The mixed use blocks are lined with retail units at ground level with access to a new Everyman Cinema and residential units above. Building B responds to the curve of the site created by the Church Road by-pass, and has been designed with no obvious back or front to ensure an active frontage to each elevation. Building D provides 100 single student rooms each with study area, storage space, a small kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom.

The development utilises a design language that closely references the local vernacular. A highly articulated and varied roofscape, with mansards and dormer windows, has been incorporated to reflect the character of the Conservation Area. Chamfered corners facilitate pedestrian movement across the site and respond to the local context, these corners will also incorporate special features such as entrances or bespoke windows.

A variety of brick colours, patterns and bonds are used throughout the development in response to the wide variety visible in the local context. Brick quoining and diapering details are also used in key locations to and visual interest in the facades.

Egham, Surrey, UK
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Egham Gateway West tops out 05.05.21

Egham Gateway West 15.07.19