Design proposals for Parliament’s Northern Estate, the group of buildings along Parliament Street and Whitehall, are the essential first step to enable the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster and will see a new temporary House of Commons Chamber and associated facilities, together with workspace for all 650 MPs and staff within a single secure site. The development of the plans follows the decision of both Houses of Parliament in 2018 to temporarily move out of the Palace of Westminster while essential work to the building takes place. The temporary Chamber will be delivered within a redeveloped Richmond House, the former Department of Health building which Parliament took possession of in 2018. The design proposals retain key frontages visible to the public on Whitehall including refurbishing the Georgian Richmond Terrace as well as 54 Parliament Street and 85 Whitehall. The chamber has been carefully designed to replicate the familiar character and the functions of the existing House of Commons chamber and will provide a greater level of accessibility for MPs and visitors, including an accessible public gallery.

Westminster, London
Corporate Office of the House of Commons

Proposals for temporary House of Commons Chamber launched 08.05.19