Google’s new one million square foot headquarters in King’s Cross is composed of a campus within a building that engages with a new yet historical piece of London. The new building – sited on a 300m (1000ft) tapering plot that rises to the north and is defined by King’s Boulevard – runs near parallel to the railway cutting, connecting Granary Square to the north with Battle Bridge Place to the south. Sitting upon a retail plinth punctuated by three generous light-filled entrance halls, Google's new workplace is organised around a looped three-dimensional promenade that wraps its way along, through and up the building's six to ten office floors, connecting cycling ramps, cores, workstations, major shared amenities, terraces and a large roof garden in an easy and enjoyable journey that encourages encounter. Within the city, the importance of this promenade is clearly expressed in the building's volumes, articulating a conversation between the world within and the city beyond.