Conceived in the early 1990s, with a masterplan by Richard Meier, Edinburgh Park is a linear development, running north / south along the western edge of the city of Edinburgh. AHMM have designed several office led mixed use buildings, providing over half a million square feet of offices and related amenity facilities as part of the new Dixon Jones Masterplan.

No.1 New Park Square will be the first of these buildings being constructed as part of the 1st phase of construction, which includes 2 public spaces and areas for activity and car-park infrastructure. No.1 New Park Square will be an important landmark which signals the end of the existing park and Loch Ross, and creating a backdrop to a new civic square.

A colonnade runs around the ground floor on the North, West and South elevations connecting to the pedestrian route from the nearby tram station. At ground floor a café, and a restaurant and music venue open out onto the new public square. The building will also house a 200-seat conference centre with four storeys of flexible office space above. The office floors are designed to allow for multiple configurations allowing the space to be let as a single office space or split for up to four tenants. Generous floor to ceiling heights improve daylighting, thermal comfort and provide flexible space.

Edinburgh, Scotland

On site at Edinburgh Park 21.02.20