240 Blackfriars is a major development composed of two distinct components that seeks to define the skyline at a pivotal junction of road, rail and river. The site is initially sliced in two to create a large commercial parallelogram and a small residential trapezoid in plan. The parallelogram is extruded up 90 metres (20 storeys) to form a sharp-edged crystalline volume, which is then cut away to respond to context: to the south to minimise the impact to Ludgate House, diagonally to the north to orientate the building towards the river and city; at street level to add generosity to the public realm and across the roof to create a reflective triple-height ‘sky-room’. In contrast, the dark masonry trapezoid is extruded up six levels and then carved away to create loggias, terraces and gardens for its ten residential apartments. 

Southwark, London
£61 Million
Great Portland Estates plc

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