The Icehouse District in Edmond, Oklahoma takes its name from the former Edmond Ice Company that once stood on the site. The original Icehouse building was constructed in 1909, followed by the Creamery building in 1921. The Icehouse is no longer standing but the current site includes the old Creamery building and associated stables, and three pre-engineered metal buildings.

The new Icehouse District will stitch together the existing structures with a series of walkways and landscaped courtyards, creating a new, cohesive piece of city.

The historic Creamery building will be carefully restored and extended, with a new addition to the north east of the building. The stable building will be restored and repurposed as an event space with a small catering kitchen and private courtyard. The existing metal structures will be refurbished and extended by covered patio spaces facing onto the main courtyard. These newly renovated buildings will house a mix of food and beverage concepts, including—in a circular connection to the site’s original use—an ice cream parlour. 

Oklahoma CIty, USA
Edmond Icehouse LLC