The Bower OKC, introduces a unique mix of condominiums and townhomes, across two distinct volumes, in the rapidly developing downtown area of Oklahoma City. Responding to the surrounding context, the two-story townhome block on 4th Street, steps back to the five-story condominium building to the rear of the site. The seven, townhomes have recessed entrances, breaking up the extended street frontage and creating balconies above. The main pedestrian entry to the site is carved through the 4th street block, leading to parking facilities and the condominium lobby. The condominium block offers a range of dwellings from one to three-bedroom ‘for-sale’ condominiums. The cascading balconies provide outside amenity for each residence, and creates external rooms, each with views across downtown.New landscaping along 4th street, the alley to the north, and the primary pedestrian paths, help to unite the buildings and site.

Oklahoma CIty, USA
City Center Development