SOLO's Park and Pub is a restaurant and dog park located in Chisholm Creek, northern Oklahoma City.

The restaurant building has been designed as a box within a box, with a large open air structure surrounding the restaurant ‘box’ within. The outer layer is constructed from pre-engineered steel components painted a bright red. It creates a sheltered terrace for owners and their pets, and ensures SOLO's Park and Pub is enjoyable all year round, despite Oklahoma’s harsh seasons.

Like its outer shell, the inner restaurant building is clad in corrugated metal, though here it is painted a complementary pink. This inner building houses the dining area, kitchen and services, which are separated from the dog-accessible areas.

The building’s raised position and generous planting to the front of the site partially conceal the park to the rear, so that the space is revealed upon entering the restaurant. In keeping with the building’s industrial aesthetic, recycled oil drilling poles are repurposed as lampposts, and concrete pipes are used as planters around the lushly planted landscaping.

Oklahoma CIty, USA
Red Solo Pup LLC

SOLO’s Park and Pub now open 11.05.21