6403 Grand Boulevard replaces an outdated two story building at the Gateway into Nichols Hills that takes advantage of its unique relationship with Grand Boulevard and 63rd Street. The four story office building acts as a pictorial transition between the hurried life to the south and the picturesque residential neighborhood to the north.

A heavy limestone frame is playfully articulated with cantilevered corners that erode the formal impression and animates its surroundings with a sense of its life within. Deeply recessed within the substantial grid sits large glazing delicately accented with extruded bronze channels. A formal landscape scheme reinforces the architectural grid, while still allowing for seasonal joy and playful detailing.

The building offers a memorable journey throughout, from entry into a spacious and active lobby, through a light-filled core and on to generously proportioned and efficient office accommodation. Finishes are robust, elegant and minimal, offering flexibility for tenants to configure, reconfigure and fit out according to their changing needs. Each floor is well served by volume, light and solar automation, giving users control over their surroundings and comfort.

Oklahoma City, USA
Blue Ribbon NHEB, LLC