80 Goswell Road is a four storey office building, set within the creative heart of Clerkenwell, London. A full-service interior refurbishment project, AHMM provided workplace planning strategy, interior architecture, CMF (colour, material and finishes) design and FF&E selection.

At the outset, design research and discovery processes identified a set of opportunities where such a refurbishment of the ageing existing building could transform it to meet the needs of a contemporary workspace, while at the same time expressing a strongly identifiable sense of place through the visual language of the interiors.

Organising the interior spaces around the idea of an “Architectural Ribbon”, utilitarian functions such as the phonebooths, kitchenette, and printer alcove, have been consolidated into a single monolithic volume within the floorplate, resulting in an extraordinary amount of open, flexible floorspace in an otherwise compact site footprint.

To provide a beautiful interface for accessing these spaces, the project incorporates the third generation of AHMM’s bespoke timber partition suite, the JACK system, showcasing for the first time a series of innovations developed specifically for 80 Goswell Road such as frameless fabric-faced doors, smoothly curved corner modules, and integrated phonebooth desks.

The idea of craft finds expression in the celebration of the tactile joinery details within the JACK system and the curated furniture pieces, as well as in the conscious selection of honest, authentic, and self-finished materials. These details go beyond style, they tell the story of Clerkenwell as a place deeply rooted in the practice of design and craftmanship, reconnecting 80 Goswell Road with the storied creative neighbourhood that surrounds it.

London, UK
Derwent London