Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has designed a range of arts, culture and exhibition projects that share an architectural ambition of being elegant, engaging and accessible. Through an understanding of functional requirements, users’ needs, and the culture and ethos of arts institutions and organisations themselves, AHMM brings pragmatism and innovation to the design of spaces and places for the public. Our arts and culture portfolio has a particular focus on the sensitive reinvention, reconfiguration or extension of existing, often listed buildings to safeguard their futures as cherished public spaces.

Link Year Title Location
2018 Television Centre BBC Studios Hammersmith and Fulham, London
2020 Birmingham Hippodrome Birmingham, UK
2019 YouTube Berlin Berlin, Germany
2020 Soho Place Soho, London
2003 Barbican Arts Gallery City of London
2006 Barbican Arts Centre City of London
2013 Barbican Cinemas City of London
2014 Dorothy Annan Murals City of London
2016 YouTube Studio KIng's Cross, London
2016 Barbican Shop City of London
2015 AEP Fitness Center Oklahoma CIty, USA
2023 10 Lewis Cubitt Square King's Cross, London
2007 176 Camden, London
2008 Biscuit Factory Bermondsey, London
1998 Millennium Products Singapore, Brunei, China, Korea, Japan, Australia
2008 Saatchi Gallery Kensington and Chelsea, London
1999 Work/Learn Zone, The Millennium Dome Greenwich, London
2015 The Library at Willesden Green Brent, London
2018 Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre Liverpool, UK