This multi-use building has been purposefully designed and developed as part of MAPS 4 regeneration projects as a new Family Justice Centre that is integrated into the community as a place to support individuals seeking help and refuge from domestic violence and abuse through a collaborative support system.

Located adjacent to the current Palomar building on the block between NW 11th Street and West Park Place west of North Hudson Avenue, this new three-story building will serve to co-locate and expand comprehensive services including 24-hour victim assistance, therapy and trauma treatment, acute medical services, comprehensive child services, educational services, food pantry and other related wrap-around services to local and surrounding communities. The site benefits from close proximity to public transport and services, maintaining familiarity of the area for existing users and positioning itself within the city core, increasing engagement from the surrounding community.

The approximately 73,000 square foot scheme includes client and clinical spaces at the first level, offices and associated amenities at the second level and a mixture of community and therapy services on level three. The building’s interior creates an environment that encourages healing while also providing security through clear strategies for public and private programs. Client spaces have been intentionally arranged around an exterior courtyard to allow for individual views to nature from each room without overlooking other spaces, increasing natural daylight and giving a sense of privacy.

The building’s exterior, influenced by the internal organisation, creates a solid base that provides privacy and security to clients while also being welcoming and engaging towards the community through strategically placed openings and entrances. As you move up the building the façade opens up with bands of continuous glazing to bring light deep into the office and community spaces. Multiple terraces are recessed into the bands allowing access to the exterior and expanding views to the surrounding context.

Oklahoma City, USA
City of Oklahoma City and Palomar
Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
Wallace Design Collective
Johnson & Associates
Wallace Design Collective