Classen16 is a new-build mixed-use apartment and commercial building that sits on the cusp of a heavily-used arterial road and the vibrant, walkable Plaza District of Oklahoma City. Acting as a mediator between these contrasting contexts, the building adopts a domestic scale that steps in discrete blocks and rises to address the business corridor of Classen Boulevard. The form hugs the street edge, concealing surface parking and residents’ amenity areas from the adjacent roads. The streetscape is enlivened with a generous planted buffer and raised stoops to all the ground floor homes. The building is clad with a shimmering, scale-like aluminium shake that reacts to the changing quality of light throughout the day.

  • 2021 AIA Oklahoma Design Excellence Honor Award - Large commercial architecture
  • 2022 AIA Central Oklahoma Design Excellence Awards, Citation award for Large Commercial Architecture
Oklahoma CIty, USA
Pivot Project

AIA Central Oklahoma Design Excellence Awards 16.11.22

AIA Oklahoma Design Excellence Awards 2021 22.11.21

Classen 16 tops out 08.01.20

Classen16 on site 22.01.19