Stratford Car Park

London. 2010

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2010
  • Cost: £10 Million
  • Clients: Lend Lease plc

Stratford Carpark refines the aesthetics of a system-build, manipulating standard components to lend an urbane quality to an often lack-lustre building type. A seven-storey stack of parking decks is positioned between the apartment buildings of Stratford’s Athletes’ Village and the north flank of the Westfield shopping centre. Its pre-cast cores – typically over-clad with an aluminium rainscreen – are instead exposed, with the fair face flipped from inside to out and then enhanced with simple porthole windows with inset cast-glass lenses that spell the word ‘PARKING’. The parking decks are clad in a set of large aluminium fins, anodized silver on the outside, but brightly painted on the inner face to provide variety and help navigation. The judiciously-placed fins vary in angle and in number, in accord with different views of the building from nearby vantage points that will be given greater logic as the surrounding buildings develop. Two low-level canopies mark pedestrian and car entrances, whilst sheltering a row of bus-stops on the pavement edge.