Tea Building

London. 2004

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2004
  • Cost: £10 Million
  • Clients: Derwent London plc

Encapsulating a new solution to the evolving demands of contemporary working life and avoiding an over-designed and sterile approach, Tea Building establishes a set of low-cost spaces that can be continuously reconfigured by tenants with the help of architect and landlord to form an intelligent and constantly evolving whole. The design strategy – robust and straight-forward – has focussed on the provision of inherently flexible unit sizes and configurations to attract a diverse mix of tenants. Common spaces are generous, hard-wearing and uncomplicated. ‘Green Tea’, the concluding phase, is the final piece of the jigsaw. This reinvention of Lipton’s former warehouses to new uses defines a light touch, low-carbon solution; a previously redundant building has been transformed into a dynamic ‘Ideas Factory’ of creative industries that never stands still.


AJ Retrofit Award 2012 RIBA London Region Award 2012 AIA Award for Interior Architecture 2006