Tea Building

London. 2004

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2004
  • Cost: £10 Million
  • Clients: Derwent London plc

Encapsulating a new solution to the evolving demands of contemporary working life and avoiding an over-designed and sterile approach, Tea Building establishes a set of low-cost spaces that can be continuously reconfigured by tenants with the help of architect and landlord to form an intelligent and constantly evolving whole. The design strategy – robust and straight-forward – has focussed on the provision of inherently flexible unit sizes and configurations to attract a diverse mix of tenants. Common spaces are generous, hard-wearing and uncomplicated. ‘Green Tea’, the concluding phase, is the final piece of the jigsaw. This reinvention of Lipton’s former warehouses to new uses defines a light touch, low-carbon solution; a previously redundant building has been transformed into a dynamic ‘Ideas Factory’ of creative industries that never stands still.


AJ Retrofit Award 2012 RIBA London Region Award 2012 AIA Award for Interior Architecture 2006

Buildings and Art


Buildings and Art

Simon Allford has contributed to a film made by Derwent London about the importance of art in their buildings. The film also features the Tea Building, Angel Building and White Collar Factory, all of which feature specially-commissioned works by artists including Thomas J Price, Teresita Fernandez, Sachiyo Nishimura and Ian McChesney. You can watch the video here.



Awards recognition for OKC and Tea

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has been enjoying more awards acclaim in both the UK and the US in recent weeks. The practice has been awarded the Solomon Andrew Layton Prize by the Central Oklahoma chapter of the American Institute of Architects; given every two years, the award recognises an architectural firm that has distinguished itself over the past five years to the betterment of the profession and community through leadership, vision and design, and will be presented at a ceremony in Oklahoma City on 13 April. Meanwhile, AHMM's work has also been recognised in Property Week's annual awards - the Tea Building has reached the final shortlist of five for 'Most Innovative Development of the Past 20 Years' following a public vote. The winner will be announced on 21 April.

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