LEVEL Urban Apartments

Oklahoma, USA. 2012

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2012
  • Cost: £15 Million
  • Clients: City Center LLC

In a country where the car is king, LEVEL merges the practicality of driving to one’s front door with an urban typology to increase inner-city density. A four-storey building shelters a central communal courtyard – divided in two by a vertical stack of four parking decks screened in foliage – while defining the city block on the outside. The building’s dark masonry podium, patterned with projecting bricks and punctuated by deeply-recessed openings, is crowned by a white-rendered stucco volume, broken down into an assemblage of rectilinear forms. Comprising 228 one and two-bedroom apartments and over 460 square metres of retail space, this project offers an affordable and cost-effective housing model for Oklahoma City, which until now has been dominated by low-density single storey sameness.


AIA Central Oklahoma Citation Award 2012