LEVEL Urban Apartments

Oklahoma, USA. 2012

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2012
  • Cost: £15 Million
  • Clients: City Center LLC

In a country where the car is king, LEVEL merges the practicality of driving to one’s front door with an urban typology to increase inner-city density. A four-storey building shelters a central communal courtyard – divided in two by a vertical stack of four parking decks screened in foliage – while defining the city block on the outside. The building’s dark masonry podium, patterned with projecting bricks and punctuated by deeply-recessed openings, is crowned by a white-rendered stucco volume, broken down into an assemblage of rectilinear forms. Comprising 228 one and two-bedroom apartments and over 460 square metres of retail space, this project offers an affordable and cost-effective housing model for Oklahoma City, which until now has been dominated by low-density single storey sameness.


AIA Central Oklahoma Citation Award 2012

Tenants move in to LEVEL Urban Apartments


Tenants move in to LEVEL Urban Apartments

LEVEL Urban Apartments in Oklahoma welcomes its first 80 tenants who have moved in before the completion of the project.

Built in the Deep Deuce District of Bricktown, Oklahoma, for client City Center LLC, the area is rapidly becoming a popular place to live as residents are keen to be near the bars, restaurants and art galleries.

Developer Richard McKown expects all 228 units to be full by September. See Richard discussing the project on the evening news.


LEVEL Starts Onsite in Oklahoma City, USA


LEVEL Starts Onsite in Oklahoma City, USA

Construction started onsite today for the LEVEL Urban Apartments Project in Oklahoma City. The project is a new fully timber framed mixed-use development comprising of 228 one and two bedroom apartments/lofts and over 5,000 sq ft of retail space. This innovative project seeks to deliver a cost effective, affordable alternative housing model for the city.

As lead designers Allford Hall Monaghan Morris have been involved in the development of the precinct masterplan through to design development of the building proposal with our client City Center LLC. Construction delivery of the proposal will now be undertaken in collaboration with local architects ADG. 

Follow the project on the developer’s website here.

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