LEVEL Urban Apartments

Oklahoma, USA. 2012

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2012
  • Cost: £15 Million
  • Clients: City Center LLC

In a country where the car is king, LEVEL merges the practicality of driving to one’s front door with an urban typology to increase inner-city density. A four-storey building shelters a central communal courtyard – divided in two by a vertical stack of four parking decks screened in foliage – while defining the city block on the outside. The building’s dark masonry podium, patterned with projecting bricks and punctuated by deeply-recessed openings, is crowned by a white-rendered stucco volume, broken down into an assemblage of rectilinear forms. Comprising 228 one and two-bedroom apartments and over 460 square metres of retail space, this project offers an affordable and cost-effective housing model for Oklahoma City, which until now has been dominated by low-density single storey sameness.


AIA Central Oklahoma Citation Award 2012

Block massing studies initially focused on parallel blocks of accommodation


To achieve a more efficient layout and make best use of external space, a courtyard model emerged


Colour and massing were explored through simple block models


Evolution of facade articulation, focused on using recessed balconies to provide sheltered microclimates


Colour studies focused around intensifying a contextual palette


Common spaces are treated with a restrained but warm and esoteric palette of materials


1:50 Study model built to test final massing and detailing


Sample board and 1:5 detail model case built for air travel


Testing panels of textured dark brick and mortar to add heft and texture to the rusticated podium


Careful consideration of graphics and signage, incorporating a custom stencil font for level numbers

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