Work/Learn Zone, The Dome

London. 1999

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 1999
  • Cost: £2.5 Million
  • Clients: New Millennium Experience

The Work Learn Zone at the Millennium Dome was a short-life shell and core exhibition structure built to contain the Work and Learn exhibitions for the ‘New Millennium Experience’. Standard rotating billboard technology was adapted and up-scaled to wrap an over-sized shed with a dynamic loop of images that explore the convergence of ‘Work’ and ‘Learn’. Each of the three exterior images represented a different aspect of British life: print works at the Financial Times for working; a library of books for learning; and a quintessentially British typical countryside park setting scene as the antithesis of both. Visual effect overrode underlying construction; delight at the surface led to intrigue of content. An army of angel-winged ‘creatures’ accompanied the decorated shed, each equipped with a screen playing a twenty-first century ‘Domesday’ book made up of 1000s of internet-based recordings of British school children’s impressions of their local communities. Designed to envelope their visitors, the inflatable creatures stimulate a simultaneous shift in scale and focus. Work Learn Zone was designed in collaboration with Tim Pyne’s WORK and the inflatable angels were designed in collaboration with Nick Crosbie’s Inflate.


RIBA Award for Architecture 2000