240 Blackfriars Road

London. 2014

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2014
  • Cost: £61 Million
  • Clients: Great Portland Estates plc

240 Blackfriars Road is a major development composed of two distinct components seeking to define the skyline at a pivotal junction of road, rail and river. The site is sliced in two to create a large commercial parallelogram and a small residential trapezoid in plan. The parallelogram is extruded up 90 metres (20 storeys) to form a sharp-edged crystalline volume, which is then cut away to respond to context: to the south to minimise the impact to Ludgate House; diagonally to the north to orientate the building towards the river and city; at street level to add generosity to the public realm; and across the roof to create a reflective triple-height ‘sky-room’. In contrast, the dark masonry trapezoid is extruded up six levels and then carved away to create loggias, terraces and gardens for its ten residential apartments. Completed in the spring of 2014, the project provides over 220,000 square feet of high performance office space, animated by ground-level retail units. Media and publishing company UBM has already taken 105,000 square feet as its UK headquarters.