Waverley School

Birmingham. 2013

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2013
  • Cost: £17.5 Million
  • Clients: Lend Lease

Set within the context of the largest, most progressive BSF programme in the country, Waverley School combines research into the nature of learning clusters and open plan learning in order to set standards for subsequent waves of Birmingham’s BSF schools. Three multi-storey finger-like blocks – connected by stepped landscape terraces and glazed bridges above – are placed side-by-side on a sloping site. The central block is higher than those either side to announce the civic presence of the school while the outer edge blocks are scaled down to sit more comfortably with their suburban neighbours. Inside, self-contained learning clusters defined by year group or specialist subject are positioned in pairs according to adjacency requirements. Integrating 630 primary, 900 secondary and 64 special needs pupils with shared-use community facilities and a range of outdoor spaces, the project is the first all-through school in the city.


Civic Trust Awards: Commendation 2015 RIBA National Award for Architecture 2014 RIBA Regional Award for Architecture 2014

Waverley School is part of Birmingham’s Building Schools for the Future Programme, located in the Bordesley Green Ward, it will be the first all-through school in the city. The project integrates 630 primary pupils, 900 secondary pupils and 64 pupils with special education needs under one roof and organised around a series of carefully located learning clusters.

The main building consists of two linear blocks containing primary and secondary teaching facilities, joined by a central space housing the main entrance and other large spaces.

Each cluster contains large social learning zones and large external terraces which will provide flexible dynamic learning spaces. Another linear block containing mainly sports facilities is detached from the main school and located adjacent the sports pitches.

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