Johnstone-Sani House

Spain. 2008

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2008
  • Cost: £640,000
  • Clients: Greta Sani and Stephen Johnstone

The Johnstone-Sani House exploits its steeply sloping site, formally exploring a sequence of planes and volumes to offer an ever-changing series of views. A linear stairway and funicular lift define one edge of the narrow site and lead to the main internal living volume of this multi-level home. From the central level, the house tiers down the slope to the master suite and pool and steps up the slope to the children and guest suites. Each internal level – visually linked by interlocking volumes and framed views – opens out onto landscaped terraces, balconies, gardens and roofscapes which exploit the coastal breeze and redefine the vista to provide an unexpected variety of spaces.