11 NW 8th Street

Oklahoma City. 2020

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2020
  • Clients: C9 Properties

This regeneration project takes two adjacent industrial warehouse and showroom buildings, combining and extending them to create new office space with ground floor retail. The new massing continues the rising stepping form of the existing buildings, creating contiguous floorplates across the three buildings. The new façade takes its cues from the 1920s one, drawing the horizontal panels and window openings across the whole elevation, but like other local brick warehouses of that era, counters this emphasis with robust vertical piers. The brick is toothed in deference to the humble but resourceful brickwork flourishes on the historic buildings. A public route lined with retail units is created through the building at ground level, connecting the existing bars and restaurants on 9th Street with the burgeoning development on 8th. This interior ‘street’, which leads up to a central atrium space, providing reception and break space to the office accommodation, is naturally-lit by large north-facing rooflights. The building is topped with a landscaped roof terrace and flexible events space.

Remove existing  mezzanine


Introduce windows to North and West


Introduce courtyard


Demolish ancillary building and deck


New building


Atrium space


Core with vertical circulation and restroom


Roof terrace


Streetscape Development

Existing elevation


Stepping up of massing

Horizontal emphasis of existing building

Accentuate vertical and extend upwards to form cornice



Section Study


Perscetive skecth of atrium

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