King's Cross P2

London, King's Cross. 2021

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2021
  • Clients: King’s Cross Central Partnership

King's Cross P2 is a key piece of the King’s Cross Central masterplan, designed to complete a key area of the developing neighbourhood and to complement the existing public realm. Acting as a backdrop to the public Lewis Cubitt Square, Building P2 is a mixed-use, office-led development, including retail and a 600-seat theatre within the universal building frame. Designed as a building with a defined base, middle and crown, the upper floors of the building are set back from the lower section to reduce the overall mass of the building, respect contextual relationships and create a series of generous planted terraces at the building’s fifth floor. A deep façade of honed, pre-cast concrete elements creates an elevational grid directly influenced by key geometries of the surrounding context. Variation within the façade system is achieved by reinforcing the vertical elements to the lower section of the building, and the horizontal elements on the set-back floors that form the upper section. Internally, a steel frame supports pre-cast floor slabs that create visual continuity with the external pre-cast concrete ledges. Large floorplates of generous height create flexible working environments and are connected by characterful common parts that are defined through a strategic use of robust linings and exposed concrete elements.

The Building as A Civic Backdrop

An Articulated Frame of Vertical and Horizontal Orders


Initial Sketch of P2 on Lewis Cubitt Square


Initial Sketch of P2 from Coal Drops Yard

Initial Sketch of P2 from Gas Holder Triplets


Initial Sketches of Ground Floor Arrangement

Concept Sketches of Facade Construction


Early Concept Sketch of Ground Floor Lobby

Building P2 Key Principles


A Building Grid that Responds to Lewis Cubitt Square

Sketch of Cycle Entrance


Sketch of Retail Facade Types


Early Tests of Facade Treatments


Early Tests of Facade Treatments



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