8th Street Market

Oklahoma, USA. 2017

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2017
  • Clients: 3 NE 8th Street, LLC

The 8th Street Market takes an underutilised warehouse building in downtown Oklahoma City and reinvents it as flexible space for restaurants, retail, and brewery space and taproom for Prairie Artisan Ales. The building sits on a site that slopes steeply to the bordering railway tracks, limiting the accessible street frontage. As a reaction to this—and the changing focus of the neighbourhood—a new entrance is cut into the east elevation, linking the existing parking lot to a new internal ‘street’ of common area. This street feeds into the units, and is enlivened by them, with restaurant and bar seating areas meeting at the heart of the building. Natural light is introduced into the space by the inclusion of a large north-facing rooflight, and the restoration of existing skylights. The street is announced on the façade on both sides of the building, with the new planted entrance portal to the east, and a similar pergola structure on the west creating cover to a raised patio; both ends have large glazed garage doors that can be opened in suitable weather to blur the distinction between inside and outside.


ULI Oklahoma Impact Award - Small Scale Rehabilitation Award 2019

Early sketch plan showing the concept of the central ‘street’ space running through the building and serving the various units

The section is high enough to accommodate mezzanine areas, but only within the existing structural bays formed by the deep steel trusses

A concept sketch of the street space, viewed from the entrance on the east

The seating area of the brewery taproom spilling into the central space, looking to the patio and railway beyond




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