Alconbury Weald Club

Huntingdon. 2015

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2015
  • Clients: Urban & Civic

As the sibling of the neighbouring Alconbury Incubator, the Alconbury Weald Club re-appropriates the same formal language to create its own conditions. Located at the threshold between the resident and commercial zones of the Alconbury Weald masterplan, the three-storey building sits beneath two exaggerated roof canopies that create sheltered community spaces. Elevationally, the Club appropriates the material palette of the Incubator building – namely a vertical order of curtain wall glazing and dark stained timber cladding – but re-orientates the timber cladding to run vertically, in a slip-and-miss arrangement akin to a Scandinavian summer house. The building has been designed to accommodate the offices of Urban & Civic (the masterplan’s developers), a public café and a meeting hall that doubles as a gym space, but its generous volumes and exposed finishes mean that it’s flexible and robust enough to adapt to new uses as the community continues to grow.


British Council Offices (BCO) Award - Projects up to 1500m2 2017 AIA International Region Design Awards - Merit Award 2016 Structural Timber Awards - Commercial Project of the Year 2016

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