Alconbury Weald Club

Huntingdon. 2015

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2015
  • Clients: Urban & Civic

As the sibling of the neighbouring Alconbury Incubator, the Alconbury Weald Club re-appropriates the same formal language to create its own conditions. Located at the threshold between the resident and commercial zones of the Alconbury Weald masterplan, the three-storey building sits beneath two exaggerated roof canopies that create sheltered community spaces. Elevationally, the Club appropriates the material palette of the Incubator building – namely a vertical order of curtain wall glazing and dark stained timber cladding – but re-orientates the timber cladding to run vertically, in a slip-and-miss arrangement akin to a Scandinavian summer house. The building has been designed to accommodate the offices of Urban & Civic (the masterplan’s developers), a public café and a meeting hall that doubles as a gym space, but its generous volumes and exposed finishes mean that it’s flexible and robust enough to adapt to new uses as the community continues to grow.


BCO Award - Projects up to 1500m2 2017 AIA International Region Design Awards - Merit Award 2016 Structural Timber Awards: Commercial Project of the Year 2016

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