London. 2007

  • Project Details
  • Completion: 2007
  • Cost: £1.6 Million
  • Clients: Zabludowicz Art Trust

A curatorial attitude to ‘building as backdrop’ led to a light-touch refurbishment approach that reveals the layered fabric of a found building. A former chapel – a rotting mess when we started work on it – has been stripped back to uncover columns, doors and fireplaces and to free spaces from earlier institutional subdivisions. Selected traces of all former occupants – both official and other – have been left to give curators and insitu artists something real to react to. Originally built as the Central Methodist Chapel in 1867, later used as the North London Drama Centre and later still abused by squatters for nearly a decade, the building is now an experimental exhibition space for the Zabludowicz Collection in London’s Chalk Farm.

The context for the project involved not only existing geographical features, but also topographical change with newer buildings adjacent and the operational context of working within a conservation area.


View of front elevation January 2006

View of front elevation November 2005

View of middle gallery showing original features

The main gallery facing north

3D modelling design development, from initial studies looking at the boundary condition and external terrace on the front elevation.


Sketch render of external ramp offering disabled access and additional entry point into the building along eastern elevation.


Hand drawn design development showing proposed reception area (right) and new balustrade at upper gallery level (left).


Sketch render of proposed lounge and kitchen servery in entrance foyer with proposed lighting.


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