We are architects who exist to design building and places, but we find ourselves in a radically different context from the energy-rich and, apparently, consequence free 20th century - and this is a critical moment. 

The demand for buildings and places, reused, reimagined, adapted or newly built, will continue and the International Energy Agency estimates that the total building stock will double in footprint by 2050. 

Past construction practices mean that 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings and to limit warming to 1.5C, emissions of all greenhouse gases must peak by 2025 and reach zero by 2050, through the adoption of aggressive reduction trajectories. 

So as architects, what should we do? 

We must work with engineers, clients and contractors to find new forms of architecture that fit within our collective carbon budget yet still create outstanding buildings which are enjoyed and valued, and last through time by adapting to their changing context - social, cultural, functional. and climatic. 

Our Sustainability and Building Performance Team supports and influences the development of this new form of architecture in three areas: Our Projects, Our Profession, Our Practice and Our Ideas. 

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