Allford Hall Monaghan Morris was formed in 1989 by Simon Allford, Jonathan Hall, Paul Monaghan and Peter Morris. The four founding directors had met at The Bartlett School of Architecture, and worked together on their final year diploma project, The Fifth Man. This project would prove to be significant in establishing a way of working that has endured throughout AHMM’s thirty years in practice. AHMM became a limited company in 2010, and a fifth director, Nigel Harris, joined the board in 2017. From its beginnings as four founders, the practice has grown to more than 500 employees based in London, Bristol and Oklahoma City.

In 2017 the majority shareholding of AHMM Limited transferred to an Employee Ownership Trust. This means that the practice’s employees are majority owners of the company, and are represented on the Trust’s board by two elected Employee Directors, alongside two founding directors of AHMM and an independent director and chair of the board. The current Trustees are Peter Morris, Paul Monaghan, Morna Robertson, Ceri Davies, and Graeme Nuttall (independent Chair). The Trustees are, in turn, supported by an EOT Working Group made up of staff from across the practice.

Becoming employee-owned has formalised our long-held belief that the success of the company and its work comes from having a positively engaged team, where each person is invested in where they work and what they do.

Read the AHMM Founders’ Statement here

Find out more about employee ownership at the Employee Ownership Association, of which AHMM is a member.