Working together


The world faces a complex and dynamic set of circumstances, the duration of which is yet unclear, and the long-term impact even more so.

Given this context, our focus at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris remains on controlling the things we can and mitigating the impact of those we cannot, whilst being mindful of the need for all of us to look after the health and wellbeing of ourselves and others.

To that end we have now trialled, and adopted, a policy of working from home for all of our people, with everyone in our London, Bristol and OKC offices able to get on with business, more or less as usual, from home.

This has been achieved by making a secure VPN connection available to all staff, giving them full access to data and software functionality, as though located within the office.

Face to face contact between project teams has been replaced by widespread communication via Microsoft Teams, whether by voice, through video conferencing, or simply via group messaging.

For some of our people this way of working will be new territory, but many are already well-versed in effective remote working using this technology 

The considerable infrastructure AHMM has in place to support the design and delivery of architecture, as well as its business operations, remains fully functional and adapted to suit these new circumstances. This includes our Finance, IT, Digital Design, Practice Operations, HR, Legal & Appointments, Communications, Building Performance and Technical teams.

Our Business Continuity Team continues to meet each day, to review and assess the latest situation, to put in place any new measures as appropriate, and to communicate these to the wider practice (and externally) when necessary.

Despite the challenging context we remain committed to, and fully capable of working together to serve the needs of our clients and collaborating effectively with our construction team colleagues, while also minimising the risks to our many talented people and the wider community.

We continue to monitor the situation within AHMM, the industry and of course the wider world, and will update this statement as appropriate. In the meantime, we send our best wishes to all of our many friends and collaborators.


Update: 25 March 2020

In response to further advice, our offices are now closed. Our practice continues to be fully operational, though now from each of our homes rather than within our offices. All usual means of contact remain in place, including the AHMM switchboard on 020 7251 5261.