1 Victoria Street

AHMM has been appointed by Stanhope PLC and Mitubishi Estates London for the development of 1 Victoria Street, a significant 1960s office building on an island within Westminster overlooking Westminster Abbey and its World Heritage Site setting.

Our plans will transform 1 Victoria Street by delivering a sustainable, commercial building offering high-quality office accommodation, with active retail on the ground floor along Victoria Street.

Retention of over 60% of the existing building’s structure by volume minimises embodied carbon while allowing the project to address the shortfalls of the existing frame and transform the development through several new interventions, including new extensions, new MEP services, new high-performance facades, reconfigured and new cores to meet current Building Regulations, enhanced public realm and streetscapes, and increased Urban Greening.

The external appearance of the building will respond to the local and historic context of the site.