Tower Hamlets Town Hall

The Rowe

Burntwood School

Working without windows: an underground workspace

One Portwall Square - Paul Monaghan

Assembly Bristol Construction

Weston Street

Project Jack

Blossom Street

The Post Building

Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre

The Alder Centre

Villaggio Vista

AJ Stirling Prize film

Westminster Bridge Road

White Collar Factory

Millennium Mills

The Angel Building by the Neighbourhood

'Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness'

Adelaide Wharf by Mark Logue

Burntwood School by Rob Parrish

Chobham Bridge Installation by Rob Parrish

Unity Liverpool by Mark Logue

W5 Site Demolition Time-lapse

Kirk Balk Model by Mark Logue

Barbican Arts Centre by Mark Logue

KX200 by Mark Logue