Mobile Modular (MoMo) is a research development project, for a relocatable system of mass housing constructed from specially fabricated shipping containers and now at prototype stage.

This type of system allows fully factory finished flats to be erected speedily on short-life sites and to be demounted and re-assembled in different configurations on other sites in the future.

The key objectives:

• Remove : MoMo apartments from a site where housing has been provided for 5 years

• Refurbish : Each module at the suppliers yard or an alternative temporary site

• Re-locate : The apartments in any new configuration to provide decanting, short term housing, permanent apartments.

This type of system can also become a permanent housing solution.

The imagery associated with MoMo started with the most basic of shelter - the humble umbrella; to the idea of the domestic ‘home from home’ imagery like the holiday caravan or seaside hut; then onto the more complex ideas of Wells Coates (housing in a frame).

The idea of adopting the imagery of established temporary dwelling types is to explore the requirements of temporary housing beyond the immediate needs for shelter. The primary aim of these modular dwellings is, however temporary the housing, that the units are designed to support and engender a notion of ‘home’.

Peabody Trust